New Offerings from myHRcounsel Coming Soon

We are excited to announce the following additional offerings coming from myHRcounsel.  In our continuing effort to reduce and manage those burdensome expenses (like we have done with legal fees by introducing our flat fee, per employee per month unlimited legal advice), we are launching these additional services to save you money, make sure your vendors are compliant with your agreements with them, and aligning ourselves with the fees to provide these services.

On March 1., 2020 we will launch “expense” audits for your phone, IT, travel, insurance and accounting/tax preparation expenses.  Our new services will take minimal effort from you!  You will simply submit your vendor contract(s) and the invoices sent from those vendors over the previous 12 months.  Our attorneys and accounting specialists will review your vendor agreements relative to the invoices you have received and confirm you have been charged the appropriate amounts.  If you have not, our attorneys will reach out to your vendors, professionally point out the required corrections, and seek refunds from the overcharges.  We will also send proposed legal and business changes to your agreements to negotiate as you go to renew you agreement – or if we can negotiate those changes for you now, will attempt to do so.

We are also introducing our “sales tax audit” service that will review your invoices the past 12 months checking to make sure those items purchased by your business that should have been tax-exempt were reflected correctly on your invoices, and we’ll prepare the sales tax refund forms for you.

The cost for these services are aligned 100% with your business.  We will only charge you 25% of the savings/refunds we receive for you from your vendors or the state(s) you overpaid sales tax to.


We are very proud to be able to continue our growth in our HR/employment law, our corporate/business law, our collections, and our welfare benefit legal advisory services (all based on a flat fee model!).  But we realize the time and cost to go through your contracts and verify the terms of your contracts against the invoices you receive is timely and internally not very cost-effective.  So we are very excited to be able to deliver this service that you one, spend very little time having to do the work, and two, don’t pay anything unless we save you money, money that you likely wouldn’t have seen anyways.