BEWARE: Employee Retention Tax Credit Scams!

While many businesses around the country have been able to successfully apply and receive the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC), all businesses should be aware of potential scams. Below we have included an example scam letter, as well as an official IRS letter and noting the differences.

Scam Letter

This letter is an example of a scam that has been sent to businesses. Here’s why employers should be wary of this mail:

  1. Should you file for the ERTC with the IRS, they will not send you a document saying your total “estimated tax credit.” You will also not receive one lump sum. The tax credit will be for each individual quarter that your business qualifies for, in a document by mail as an “Overpayment”- see below image.
  2. They will not know your total employee number.
  3. It is not an official document from the IRS, nor will the IRS send you a rounded estimate ex. $312,000
  4. The phone number listed does not come up on Google.
  5. There is no business information available for “National Tax Credits Los Angeles.”
  6. If you have or haven’t filed for the ERTC, do not call the number listed and ignore the letter.

Official IRS Document

If you have filed for the ERTC, the official letter from the IRS that you receive will look like this. You will receive an “Overpayment” letter for each individual quarter that you have applied and qualified for, with a corresponding refund check with the amount listed. Notice on the letter that it is from the IRS and the phone number included is an official IRS telephone number.

If you have questions about the ERTC or similar scam type letters, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at: If you have not yet filed, click the “Get Started” button below, and we are happy to help you file to receive these valuable tax credits.