myHRcounsel Covid-19 Tool Kit

myHRcounsel was created to provide on-demand advice, backed by lawyers, to the many issues that arise in the employment relationship. As COVID-19 (aka “coronavirus”) has become the issue employers are significantly concerned with today and in the upcoming weeks, the need for on-demand legal information, interpretation of laws, drafting letters and policies, and providing attorney backed advice (not media-based opinions) to protect your employees and your business has exponentially increased the past few weeks.

For our clients, you know from the thousands of legal questions submitted to our attorney portal that we have the answers, to the extent they are available, and we provide those answers in minutes (not days or weeks).

Keeping with our goal to provide immediate legal information and advice and protect our clients’ businesses and their employees, we have created the myHRcounsel COVID-19 “Toolkit” – and this webpage.

Please feel free to visit this site for the most recent (and always updated) information as we continue to monitor all information, data, and facts as well as the many federal and state laws being put in place.

If after reviewing this you have specific questions not covered by these materials, please feel free to open a new ticket by clicking here.


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“When the COVID-19 Pandemic was ravaging our country, more responsibility fell on the H.R. Department to keep up to date with all of the changes, promote and implement safety measures within their company, and address employees' concerns and fears. I utilized myHRcounsel during this time to answer compliance questions and if it were not for their support, I would be spending an uncomfortable amount of time trying to research, analyze, and translate all of the constantly updated legislation.”
- Joshua Matthews

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COVID-19 Critical Information

COVID-19 Overview

COVID-19 FAQs– Updated 3/27/2020

Remote Workers – Issues to Know

State Re-openings (May 1, 2020)

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