FLSA and State Wage & Hour Laws

February 15 | 12:00pm EST

Travel time, rounding rules, overtime exemptions, donning and doffing, and wage deductions: just a few of the many nuts and bolts of the Fair Labor Standards Act and state wage and hour laws. Compliance can be a challenge: federal and state laws can seem inconsistent and concepts that seem simple may just be the tip of the iceberg. A lack of understanding of the FLSA and its state equivalents could leave your company open to costly slip-ups that can add up exponentially and bring the heat from federal and state regulatory agencies. In our Third Tuesday Webinar on The Ins and Outs of Federal and State Wage and Hour Law we answer some of employers’ most common questions and take a deeper dive to help employers learn whether, when, how, and how much to pay their employees. From minimum salary requirements to final paycheck laws, bring your company into wage and hour compliance from onboarding to offboarding with our wage and hour overview. All in attendance will receive HRCI credit for attending.

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