July 12 Tip of the Week

If your company is contemplating bringing employees back into the office, there are a few practical steps HR/management should work through before opening the doors.  First, be sure to provide plenty of notice to your employees of your intention to recall them to the office.  This allows employees to make any necessary arrangements for childcare, commuting, and gives employees some times to mentally prepare for their return.  Second, consider any changes that must be made to an employees’ job description and their essential duties before they return.  Some of an employee’s duties may have changed or been relaxed during the pandemic and those should be buttoned up before the employee returns.  Encourage employees to report any concerns they have regarding their return to HR as soon as possible.  This could include assuaging any fears employees may have as well as taking the opportunity to reassure the employee about safety measures in place for those working onsite.  Employers should also take serious any employee request for an accommodation, including continued remote work.  Employers will want to have plenty of lead time to work through the interactive process in advance of the anticipated return date.  For more information about return to work policies, or establishing a hybrid work model, consult with our attorneys at myHRcounsel.