“So many legal changes, so little time”- a letter from our CEO Mark Young

Required 2024 Employee Handbook changes, new Exempt Employee rules and Salary Thresholds, Benefit Plan Documents you thought were done by your broker or insurance company (not the case), Non-Competes banned – where do you even start – and we are only mid-way through the year? 

Don’t let these legally required changes slip through the cracks and add to the other challenges you have going into the Fall of 2024 and leave your company exposed. All 4 of these major federal law changes are required to be addressed “yesterday”, and unlike the Administration in 2016, the Federal Agencies making these new rules HAVE hired a slew of new auditors to enforce the rules the FLSA, NLRB, FTC etc. have passed. With trillions to be spent for other projects, the mandate on these Federal Agencies is to pass rules on employers and make sure they get enforced. 

So, these changes must be made now. It is the best way to protect your company.

 As we approach our 10th year in business, our Company Mission, to provide affordable and accessible legal advice and legal documents has never been more important than it is in 2024. Make sure you are reading our newsletter, attending our webinars, following us on social media, and using your legal subscription to ask questions and utilize our attorneys to draft actual legal documents required to be and stay in legal compliance. 

Thank you for your loyal partnership. We look forward to another 10 years together!

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