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LHCM Solutions has partnered with myHRcounsel™ to provide clients with access to online, on-demand legal services on a flat monthly fee basis.  There are three offerings clients can choose from, which are detailed below.

ASK HR™ provides LHCM Solutions’ clients with unlimited access to more than 50 employment law attorneys through myHRcounsel™ to help you draft key employment law documents, policies (including employee handbooks) for an additional low “flat” per employee per monthly charge. 

ASK Pro™ is an upgraded service that includes ASK HR, but also gives clients access to corporate law attorneys for assistance with business law issues including contract drafting and review, reduced contingency fee commercial collections and assistance with drafting other business-related documentation. 

Additionally, myHRcounsel offers LHCM Solutions’ clients the opportunity to add our Learning Management System (LMS), which includes dozens of employee training modules, as well as required sexual harassment training.

This partnership gives LHCM Solutions’ clients the unique option to consult with attorneys at myHRcounsel for everyday compliance questions at a low per-employee per month (PEPM) rate provides legal protection, compliance guidance, counsel and important current documentation to the HR and legal functions critical to your business. myHRcounsel attorneys are available online seven days a week for any compliance questions your business has. 

What’s Included?


  • $1.49 per employee per month (PEPM), Min. $99.00/mo (1 year term)
  • Unlimited access to employment lawyers
  • Access to hundreds of employment law documents & templates
  • 24/7 HR/employment law advice
  • Legally completed employee handbook & updates
  • Legally completed employment documents
  • Access to employment law checklists & updates


  • $3.00 per employee per month (PEPM), Min. $300/mo (1 year term)
  • Includes Ask HR by myHRcounsel™ (above)
  • Unlimited access to business law documents & templates
  • Unlimited drafting & review to Ask Pro’s™ business forms (MSA’s, license agreements, NDAs)
  • Review of 2 non-Ask Pro’s business documents per month
  • Expert assistance with corporate policies & procedures
  • Commercial Collections: 15% Contingent fee on pre-litigation/30% if litigation required on claims

Learning Management System

  • $0.79 PEPM (Minimum of $149 per company per month)- (Current Subscribers)- No Startup Fee
  • $1.59 PEPM (Non-Subscribers)- $499.00 Startup Fee
  • Online Training Module with Dozens of Titles
  • Examples include: Discrimination, ADA, FLSA, Hiring, and Terminations
  • Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY
  • Admin features including: assigning employees, tracking completion, and completion cards

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