March 22 Tip of the Week

While you may generally adhere to the adage that you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, when it comes to your existing employee handbooks, contracts, policies, or other legal documents, it might pay to start fresh with myHRcounsel templates and drafts. In our decades of experience, we have found that the best and most efficient way to ensure compliance for our clients is to draft their handbooks and contracts rather than review existing documents that may be outdated, insufficient, or drafted by non- attorneys, and therefore require significant time and redlining to bring them into compliance.

Over the years, we have been presented with many legal documents that are missing essential provisions for compliance, that leave clients exposed to liability, or that contain seemingly innocuous language that is actually illegal or against public policy. Such errors, if left unrectified, can cost organizations not only in terms of fees and penalties, but also time and stress. It is therefore essential to a company’s compliance health that an employment attorney draft employment documents.

myHRcounsel drafts and templates are carefully crafted by our employment and business attorneys for compliance and legal protection, and are maintained through regular updates when laws change. This allows us to legally back our written products and efficiently serve our clients.

Of course we recognize that organizational needs vary, so we work closely with our clients to ensure their contracts, policies, handbooks, and other legal documents are not only legally compliant, but are also customized to suit their needs.

Need to get started with a handbook or other legal document? The attorneys at myHRcounsel are just a click away.