March 27 Tip of the Week

“Top 3 Things to Know BEFORE Partnering with Vendors”

You’ll want to identify the following:

  1. Does our business have a PROCESS to audit third-party vendors for their cybersecurity resilience before sharing sensitive information?
  2. Does our business VERIFY that our third parties have implemented strong third-party risk cybersecurity monitoring and plans?
  3. Have we DEFINED cybersecurity risk expectations and requirements with your vendors?

By understanding third-party security policies and procedures, you can take corrective steps to address the risks to your data. Without the proper controls, your vendors and contractors can become the weakest link to your organization and customers’ privacy. 

When the old way of keeping your data secure no longer works, the experts at Black Bottle IT can help. Join us as Black Bottle IT and myHRcounsel join forces for a three part webinar series:

  • April 26: HR’s Growing Role in Cyber Risk Management
  • May 11: Do we Really Need a Cybersecurity Plan-
  • May 24: It’s Time to get Serious: How to Gain a Better Cyber Posture with Vendors