“Mid-Year Updates”- a letter from our CEO Mark Young

As we head into the 2nd half of the year, employers have already had non-stop action from federal courts and regulatory agencies regarding artificial intelligence policies, noncompete documents, diversity initiatives, religious accommodation and the ongoing “joint employment” saga just to name a few.

I can remember watching my son’s baseball tournament over the 4th of July and feeling the anxiety, but it wasn’t about whether he would get on base or not, it was about my HR Department not having time to get to my 10 KPI’s, which I thought would have been done already, and about the bonus we were planning on for Christmas likely not coming unless we get a high-priced lawyer to help out and how does that even make sense?!

Unfortunately, I spent most of the game thinking “where do I start, who do I call, and how do I get my family to leave the fireworks early so I don’t sit in traffic until 1 in the morning?” 

But you don’t have to worry about those kinds of things. You get to relax and enjoy the game.

myHRcounsel makes your life easier, that was the goal from the beginning. A subscription-based, on-demand, HR Compliance and Legal Services Company, covering all 50 states, fitting your budget. And we did it.

Be safe – enjoy the fireworks – and we hope to welcome you onboard when you return on July 8th.

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