October Third Tuesday Webinar- COVID and the ADA- The Intersection Between Employee Protections and Employer Rights

Tuesday October 19th | 12:00pm EST

Many employers have fallen into a routine when it comes to employees and the ADA: an employee needs an accommodation for a disability, the employer goes through the Interactive Process, and any documentation the employer receives during the process goes into a confidential medical file. Employers may have been following the rules for years, knowing when they can and can’t ask for medical information and what they can and can’t do once they receive it. But COVID, and the need to stop the spread both inside the workplace and out has thrown a wrench into ADA rules and procedures as employers know them, and raised all kinds of unanticipated issues. What is confidential medical information with regard to COVID? Can we request it and if so, when? Is COVID itself a disability under the ADA? What about self-screening, contract tracing, vaccine incentives? These questions (and a bonus FMLA question) will be answered during our Third Tuesday Webinar on COVID and the ADA.

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