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A lot of human resources services come with disclaimers — like "better run it by a lawyer first" — and high price tags. myHRcounsel solves both problems, giving you 24/7 access to experienced attorneys for a low, fixed monthly rate.

Average Savings of $15,000+ a year!

Traditional law firms chase billable hours, so you can expect to be charged for every call, email, and research hour, in addition to more substantive transactional work, like document drafting. With average hourly rates in the $200-$500 range, legal fees can quickly escalate. Your business deserves access to experienced attorneys without breaking the bank. Our flat, monthly fee allows you to work legal advice into your annual budget.


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Fast response times

We know your workflow is a mile a minute, so our average response time is less than two business hours.

All licensed attorneys

Get the full benefit of legally-backed HR and employment law advice with experienced myHRcounsel attorneys.

Predictable pricing

With our predictable, flat monthly fee pricing model, you have unlimited access at an affordable rate.

Business types

myHRcounsel works with companies that span almost all industries throughout the United States.

  • Construction Companies and Contractors
  • Staffing
  • Professional Services Firms
  • Franchisees
  • IT Solutions Providers
  • Restaurants and Hospitality
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Manufacturing

myHRcounsel provides me quick, easy access to attorneys for any employment law topic.


Having myHRcounsel at my fingertips means I don’t spend hours diving into complex issues. Instead, I get prompt answers that allow me to stay focused on other tasks.

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myHRcounsel is a tremendous value – where else can you have attorneys answer your employment law questions within an hour?


myHRcounsel is a must-have resource for human resources teams. When complex issues arise, I know I can always count on a quick turnaround of thorough and accurate legal advice.


When the COVID-19 Pandemic was ravaging our country, more responsibility fell on the H.R. Department to keep up to date with all of the changes ... I utilized myHRcounsel during this time to answer compliance questions and if it were not for their support, I would be spending an uncomfortable amount of time trying to research, analyze, and translate all of the constantly updated legislation. These were definitely stressful and uncharted waters, but myHRcounsel was an invaluable resource in navigating through it all. I would recommend their services to any and all of my H.R. contacts.


As a consultant, who works primarily with small to medium sized organizations, I have found myHRCounsel to be invaluable for those organizations that don't have in-house counsel in which to rely on. I've used it for simple things such as file retention, to complex employee relations issues. It's a great on-line source, as well as having labor attorneys available in which to discuss issues.



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