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$1.99 per employee per month (PEPM), Min. $149.00/mo (1 year term)

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$3.00 per employee per month (PEPM), Min. $300/mo (1 year term)

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A La Carte Options

Employee Handbook+™
  • $495.00 Per Year (Federal +1 State)
  • $695.00 Per Year (For California & New York)
  • $75.00 for Each Additional State
  • HR Solutions Center access
  • One annual attorney-created, multi-state compliant employee handbook
  • Utilize our unique employee handbook interview to tell us about your company
  • Initial draft will be completed within approximately 7-10 business days
  • Option to provide additional personalized policies (more than required by federal/state), and customization
  • $349.00 per year
  • For Health and Welfare plans:
  • (1) Legally completed SPD/Wrap document (Health & Welfare plans)
  • Access to complete library of required ERISA plan notices
  • Access to complete library of ERISA documents (SMM's, SAR's, etc.)
  • Access to employment and ERISA law checklists & updates
  • $2M ERISA Service Guarantee
myERISA Bundle™
  • $995.00 per Year
  • For Health and Welfare plans:
  • Legally prepared Premium documents in the ERISA Dynamic Compliance Calendar
  • Legally completed Wrap/SPD Document, POP Document, Form 5500, SAR, & 13 Legally Prepared Documents in the ERISA Dynamic Calendar
  • Unlimited access to ERISA attorneys & Access to complete library of required ERISA plan notices
  • $2M ERISA Service Guarantee
IRS Form 5500 Preparation & FiIing
  • $495.00 per company per 5500
  • Attorney drafted & submitted
  • Consultation on late filing issues, unfiled returns.
POP Document (Premium Only Plan)
  • $149.00 per Document
Online Employee Training
  • $0.79 PEPM (Current Subscribers)- No Startup Fee
  • $1.59 PEPM (Non-Subscribers)- $499.00 Startup Fee
  • $59.00 per month minimum
  • Online Training Module with Dozens of Titles
  • Examples include: Discrimination, ADA, FLSA, Hiring, and Terminations
  • Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY
  • Admin features including: assigning employees, tracking completion, and completion cards
  • Federal and State Labor Law Posters
  • COVID-19 Posters and Guides
  • First Aid Kits and Posters
  • California Required Pamphlets
  • Workplace Signage (ADA/Exit)
  • Plus Much More

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