St. Paul, MN Minimum Wage to Increase to $15 per hour

On Wednesday November 14, St. Paul, Minnesota Mayor Melvin Carter signed into law a $15 minimum wage ordinance, which followed a 7-0 vote in favor by the St. Paul City Council.  This law will gradually increase wages to $15 per hour over the next 3.5-8.5 years, with the variance dependent on the size of the business, however, contract workers will remain exempt, however tipped employees are not exempt.

The phase-in period will begin in 2020, with the length dependent on the size of the business.  The largest businesses (with 10,000+ employees), as well as St. Paul’s city government will be required to pay $15 per hour by July 2022.  Businesses with more than 100 workers must pay $15 per hour by July 2023.  Businesses with between 6-99 employees have until July 2025, and then last the businesses with 5 or fewer employees have until July 2027 to reach $15 per hour.  All locally controlled franchises will be treated like a small business under the wage schedule, which is dependent on how many workers employed.

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