We are Pleased to Announce an Exciting new Partnership with SyncStream Solutions

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership between SyncStream Solutions and myHRcounsel™!  With all of the changes in Washington politics in the last couple of years, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, remains the law of the land and applicable large employers are still required to comply with its mandate to offer minimum essential coverage to all full-time employees. One of the most confusing and tedious tasks involved in this compliance is the annual IRS filing requirements.  Through myHRcounsel’s partnership with SyncStream, we are now providing our clients with the tools to take the stress out of these annual ACA filings.  SyncStream’s comprehensive ACA Dashboard is a cloud-based tool designed to manage all aspects of ACA reporting and compliance including:

  • Setting measurement, administrative, and stability periods for both ongoing and new variable-hour employees
  • Uploading ongoing payroll data and benefits information
  • Tracking employees to determine their ACA status
  • Generating 1095-C forms, and populating all aspects of the form based on the employer data
  • E-filing 1095-C forms and managing any errors the IRS may return
  • Archiving data for each filing year to maintain ACA compliance documentation

If you already have an employee tracking program, you can still utilize SyncStream’s ACA Reporting Essentials solution to populate IRS-required reporting. 

In addition, now that the IRS has begun issuing ACA penalty Letter 226-J for the 2015 and 2016 filing years, you need a trusted ally on your side to help you conduct a liability analysis, flag any potential IRS liabilities, calculate potential penalties, prepare a response to Letter 226-J (if you receive one), and determine any necessary corrective action.  All of this can be done through SyncStream’s new ACA Audit tool.

About SyncStream
SyncStream builds intelligent, intuitive solutions that help employers and their trusted advisors comply with the most complex regulations, from the ACA to EEO-1. SyncStream’s compliance solutions marry existing employer payroll and HR data with proprietary analytics to accurately fulfill legislative requirements and provide the assurance of auditability.
A woman-owned business, SyncStream is the result of some 100 combined years of employee benefits, health care, legal, regulatory, education, and technology experience, and has successfully fulfilled over 2.5 million employee forms and served more than 10,000 customers with well over 90 percent accuracy. Visit www.sync-stream.com for more information.

About myHRcounsel
myHRcounsel™ was borne out of decades of employment law experience and basic computing skills. We decided to make Human Resources digital, and provide a resource that delivers legally backed answers to any HR question at a price that is affordable and predictable. And we’ll do it in minutes/hours versus days or weeks!  We also used this same methodology to offer myHRcounsel Pro™, our online contract drafting and review service and basic corporate law advisory service.  Lastly, one of the most misunderstood and difficult areas of law (and costly if non-compliant) is ERISA.  ERISA Complete™ takes the guess-work out of the many required forms and notices and provides you with legally compliant documents.
We provide experienced employment and business attorneys, live and online anytime, at a flat-rate monthly subscription, with no additional fees. No more guesswork for any particular issue’s cost or ulcers stemming from inefficient counsel burning through billable hours. Just the right answer, faster.