2023 Webinars

Thank you to everyone who has attended our Third Tuesday/Wednesday Webinars in the past few years! We appreciate your continued interest and attendance.

For 2023, we have decided to refresh our webinar series into something new. Instead of the long form 60 minute webinars once a month, we are excited to announce our new weekly webinar series! Each Wednesday, we will host a 15-20 minute webinar on HR, employment, business, new laws, court cases and more! Each webinar will provide HRCI and/or SHRM recertification for attending.



  • January 18: “The Importance of an HR Audit”
  • January 25- “The Future of Non-Competes: Proposed Changes at the Federal Level”


  • February 1: Employee Meal and Rest Breaks: Dispelling Myths and Promoting Compliance
  • February 8- Safety/Worker’s Compensation
  • February 15- Quiet Quitting
  • February 22- Artificial Intelligence in Hiring


  • March 1: Employee Travel- Compensation and Liability
  • March 8- ERISA Part 1
  • March 15- ERISA Part 2
  • March 22- ERISA Part 3
  • March 29- Proposed “Right not to Listen” Legislation. What do employers need to know?


  • April 5: Quick Tips for the ADA Interactive Process
  • April 12: Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • April 19: Marijuana in the Workplace
  • April 26: HR’s Growing Role in Cyber Risk Management


  • May 3: Performance Improvement Plans, Reviews & Discipline
  • May 11: Do We Really Need a Cyber Security Plan?
  • May 17: Youth Labor- How to Stay Compliant with State & Federal Laws
  • May 24: It’s Time to Get Serious: How to Gain a Better Cyber Posture with Vendors
  • May 31: At-Will Employment- Or Is it?


  • June 7: Terminations: Best Practices for Terminating your Employees
  • June 14: Pregnancy Discrimination
  • June 21: Pay Transparency
  • June 28: PTO, Vacation & Leave (Rescheduled for July 26th)


  • July 12: Remote Worker Compliance
  • July 19: Retaliation Claims- The Forgotten Risk
  • July 26: Sick Leave, Vacation, and PTO- Staying Compliant When it Comes to Time Off


  • August 2: Social Media
  • August 9: I-9 Compliance
  • August 15- Mastering Compliance in Hiring New Employees (With AllianceHCM)
  • August 16: Overtime- Calculating Regular Rate of Pay
  • August 23: Wage Deductions


  • September 13: Chances are your employee handbook is illegal, at best obsolete – Details on the recent NLRB Stericycle Decision you don’t want to miss
  • September 19: Artificial Intelligence in Employment Law: Navigating Challenges and Ensuring Fairness (With AllianceHCM)
  • September 20: They Sued a Company Using AI for Hiring . . . Guess Who Won?
  • September 27: Lizzo Lawsuit – Hostile Work Environments – What Does It All Mean?


  • October 4: Flashback Friday Questions Answered by myHRcounsel Attorneys
  • October 11: – Don’t Get Called into an Emergency Staff Meeting – Plan Ahead – Holiday Events Do’s and Don’ts
  • October 18: Invest in Your Greatest Asset – Employee Training Programs
  • October 25: Grab a Hot Pocket (or not) While We Cover the Hot Topics


  • November 1: Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Employee Handbook. It’s No Joke.
  • November 8: Flashback Friday Questions Answered by myHRcounsel Attorneys
  • November 9: Safeguard your Brand!
  • November 15: Are You Sure You Know the Legal Answers to Political Speech in the Workplace?
  • November 29: Come In, Take A Seat, Let’s Go Over The Company’s Policies and Procedures  


  • December 6: Anti-Trust for HR Professionals: Get to Know the Sherman Act
  • December 13: Grab a Hot Pockets (or not) While We Cover the Hot Topics
  • December 20: Flashback Friday Questions Answered by myHRcounsel Attorneys

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