Earn up to $26,000 per Employee in Tax Credits

Just a friendly reminder – that 2-3 minutes can produce $26,000 PER EMPLOYEE in tax credits – a very simple process.

If you business was shut down for any period of time by a governmental agency during the Pandemic, OR your business dropped 50% (for just 1 quarter) in 2020 when compared to the same quarter in 2019 (perhaps the 2nd quarter of 2020, when we all were closed for weeks?), OR your business dropped (for just 1 quarter) when comparing a quarter in 2021 to a quarter in 2019.

If any of these happened – you are likely able to file for a $26,000 PER EMPLOYEE tax credit from the IRS.

It costs you nothing!  All we need is your payroll reports by employee for the 2nd-4th quarters of 2020, and the 1st-3rd quarters of 2021

We charge nothing to file the returns, and only receive a low 15% of what we actually collect for you.  You have nothing to lose!

Click here to start immediately and get your forms filed before the government decides to end this program!  File for $26,000 PER EMPLOYEE for me