myHRcounsel Employee Handbook FAQs

Employee handbooks are the most critical legal document for employers. Here’s our FAQs for our employee handbook process: (Updated 5/12/2021)

Q: How can I get an employee handbook from myHRcounsel?

A:  Currently, our ASK HR and ASK Pro packages include legally drafted, multi-state specific employee handbooks, as well as updates throughout the year.

Our Employee Handbook+ service includes one legally drafted, multi-state compliant employee handbook. This service offers clients the chance to add more personalized policies and customization. ASK HR and ASK Pro subscribers may add on Employee Handbook+ at an additional fee.

Q: What are the three employee handbook tiers from myHRcounsel?

A:  Currently, we offer three tiers:

Tier 1- Included with ASK HR or ASK Pro Subscriptions

We will include a legally drafted federal and state specific employee handbook for our clients of ASK HR and ASK Pro.  This tier will provide clients with a best practices employee handbook that is compliant with all federal and state laws that the client operates in.  Clients will be able to add in company mission statement.

Tier 2- Employee Handbook+

Available as a standalone offering, or upgrade for current ASK HR or ASK Pro clients, the Employee Handbook+ offering offers clients a legally drafted federal and state specific employee handbook, with the option to provide additional personalized policies (more than required by federal/state), and customization.


$295- Federal plus 1 State

$395- Federal plus up to 3 States

$75- Each additional State

Tier 3- Employee Handbook Review

If a current subscriber to our ASK HR or ASK Pro service declines our Tier 1 or Tier 2 options, and prefers to have their current employee handbook reviewed and redlined, we are happy to do so at a rate of $325 per hour.

Q: How long does the employee handbook creation process take?

A: Once the client completes and submits our online employee handbook interview, our attorneys will generally provide the client a first draft within 7-10 business days.

Q: Can you review my employee handbook?

A:  Yes we can, however employee handbook reviews and redlines are not included in our packages. If you would like your handbook reviewed, we can do so at an hourly rate $325/hour.

Q: Why aren’t employee handbook reviews included?

A: We understand that you may prefer a review as opposed to creating a new employee handbook through our creation process. Creating a brand new handbook is better for us and the clients, as we need to be able to confirm the information regarding the number of employees, locations and other company policies are completely up to date.

Q: Can we include a company mission statement and other company information?

A: Yes, you can work with our attorneys to include company specific information.

Q: How do I begin the employee handbook process?

A: To create a new employee handbook, login to our Ask an Attorney Portal. On the main dashboard, click the Employee Handbooks button in the “Tools” section, and click the link to our interview. If you are a new client, our team will automatically open a ticket in our Ask an Attorney Portal for you to begin the process.

Q: How do I update my employee handbook policies throughout the year?

A: To do so, create a ticket in our Ask an Attorney Portal, and attach your most recent myHRcounsel created-employee handbook document, and let our attorneys know what you would like updated.

Q: Is the handbook drafted by HR professionals or attorneys?

A: Our employee handbooks are legally drafted by our attorneys.

Q: We just redid our handbook within the last year, why do I need a brand new one?

A: While your employee handbook may have been completed recently, many new laws have taken effect across the country, which may mean that your employee handbook is already out of date.

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