June 20 Tip of the Week

“Biometric Technology”

Today’s tip of the week is a little bit tech and a little bit law.  We’re talking about biometric technology which uses physical markers such as fingerprints, eye scans or facial geometry to allow employees to gain entry to an employer’s facilities, punch in and out of a time clock or gain access to computers or other technological devices using a more secure technology than employee-created passwords.  However, implementing these high-tech solutions into your workplace isn’t as simple as purchase, implement and go.  Employers needs to be mindful of employee privacy laws as well as specific biometric information consent policies which several states, including Illinois require.  These laws require that companies get employee consent prior to compelling their use.  Still other laws require that employers provide reasonable accommodations in situations when an employee refuses or cannot, for medical or other reasons, give their consent to biometric technology use.  If you are considering purchasing biometric technology or already have it implemented and wonder if your policies and procedures comply with the laws, contact our attorneys at myHRcounsel today for guidance!