“Life as a Dashboard Business Owner”- a letter from our CEO Mark Young

We had a great comment from a client of ours, a construction company owner, who commented on myHRcounsel’s business model. They work most of the day in their car and between worksites, and are rarely at their computer, so when an HR issue arises, the ability to reach an attorney, which needs to be on their time is nearly impossible.  Going into voicemail, waiting on hold for what seems like forever, or getting a call back 5 days after the issue arises (when it’s convenient for the lawyer), just doesn’t work.  Now that they have myHRcounsel, including the iOS app, when an HR issue arises, they mentioned they simply open a “ticket” anywhere, anytime and know it’s being worked on. 

Then, when they are ready to deal with the issue, they know they have the legal answer, it’s a practical answer they can use, and it’s there in writing, so they don’t have to remember what was said over a hotline or try to repeat what the lawyer told them to do.

We knew we wanted to provide accessible legal advice for an affordable price, but the flexibility to fit into our clients’ schedule – “on their time” – has been a complete game changer for our clients. For all business owners, from construction companies to franchises, staffing firms and restaurants, we realize your schedules are unpredictable and you are taking care of HR issues from sunup to sundown. We are dedicated to making sure you get the answers you can rely on  – “on your time!”

Thank you all – you have made practicing law fun again. We are so appreciative!

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