The Founding of myHRcounsel

CEO & Co-Founder, Mark Young was looking for a real solution.

Whether it was as CFO for a Fortune 500 company or as a small business owner himself, he was looking for reliable HR Compliance and Business advice to support his businesses. He had worked with generic companies that call themselves “experts,” making big promises. But after a little digging – because as they say “the devil is in the details”- he found that those companies had buried disclaimers. Disclaimers that include things like:

  • services are designed to provide general information
  • use this site at your own risk
  • not rendering legal advice – should be reviewed with legal counsel

“Why am I using you if I should check with legal counsel? I need to skip the middleman.” But traditional law firms are costly, time consuming, and inconvenient.

Mark thought to himself “there has to be other people out there like me who are looking for real LEGAL HR & Business advice for companies that need to focus on the big picture and can’t keep up with the everchanging federal and state laws in all 50 states – as well as the small business owner that needs the same services but at an affordable and predictable cost so their business can thrive.”

But there weren’t any companies like that out there . . . until myHRcounsel.

Out of his own struggle to find an answer, Mark co-founded myHRcounsel in August of 2015- the reliable source for HR and Business Solutions. Mission accomplished – provide online and on-demand legal services – which means attorney/client privilege – do it with no legal disclaimers – and make it affordable to all businesses. The encrypted Ask An Attorney portal offers unlimited access to licensed attorneys on a subscription basis and guarantees a response in 2 hours or less. And with the mobile app – you can take the attorneys on the go.

Real Advice. Real Attorneys. Real Time.

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