Handbook Process

Did you know myHRcounsel can draft your employee handbook? If you have an existing handbook that requires an update, we are also happy to provide a new, compliant handbook that takes into account your most up-to-date company information. The process is simple! You complete a short online questionnaire that helps us gather necessary company information including any changes to headcount, location, policies, etc. that occurred since your last update. We then take that information and draft a compliant handbook, ensuring it contains properly updated provisions and any necessary supplements to reflect legal changes. This process of providing you a new, compliant handbook (as opposed to redlining or updating existing drafts) allows us to provide legal protection of that handbook, and further enables our insurance to back myHRcounsel and you in the event an employee brings a claim or raises issues with respect to the interpretation of the handbook. Thanks for your understanding!

For further information, view our Employee Handbook FAQs.

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